Custom Cakes and Pastries for special order
Honey cake with buckwheat honey / cream with sour cream, cream cheese and whipped cream
19 zł
Classic honey cake
Thin layers of puff pastry / classic pátissier cream with whipped cream
21 zł
Shortcrust chocolate cake / cheese layer with Baileys liqueur / chocolate cream with cinnamon
19 zł
Baileys-chocolate cheesecake
Shortcrust pastry / frangipane with almonds and pistachio paste / white chocolate ganache with pieces of salty pistachios / milk chocolate mousse and cream cheese
21 zł
Tartlet «Culture»
Traditionally spicy and juicy fruitcake with lots of dried fruit and nuts
19 zł
Christmas fruitcake
Cream cheese filling with vanilla / dark chocolate topping
16 zł
Classic bar
Cream cheese filling / chocolate caramel / topping with milk chocolate and hazelnut
16 zł
Caramel bar
Cream cheese filling / cherry jam / white chocolate topping
16 zł
Cherry bar
Almond macaroons / ganache with white chocolate and mulled wine
16 zł
Macarons «Mulled»
White chocolate ganache and nut paste / salted caramel / almond macaroons
16 zł
Nut-caramel macaroon
Ganache with pistachios / raspberry jam / almond macaroons
16 zł
Pistachio and raspberry macaroon
Soft inside, cookies with a rich chocolate flavor do not contain dairy products or eggs
13 zł
Vegan "Vegan-Brownie" Cookies
Our deserts
Are always delicious

Your favorite fresh desserts, which we prepare especially for you!
What's more, we will prepare them to order for special occasions or every day for your family, friends, colleagues, loved ones and loved ones!
Just call us and we will discuss all the details!
With love, Culture Cafe.

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